intenSati Classes

What is intenSati?

 Patricia Moreno is the creator and founder of intenSati and Sati practices
• IntenSati is a practice of intentional mindfulness that combines a heart-centered cardio workout with call-response affirmations…yeah that’s right you will be speaking during this class
• The practice embodies the idea of the spiritual warrior –  a tender hearted warrior of love -- which means taking responsibility for our own lives…you decide…you choose…you make the change that needs to be made…move ourselves out of victim mode…we are not victims
• This practice gives us the opportunity to see how powerful our thoughts are…the language we speak to ourselves…you can change your state when you change your physiology as you speak words of positivity with big strong moves
• Each move has a meaning and a purpose…you’re not just doing the moves to burn some calories or get a beach-ready

Free intenSati classes every Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm EST. 

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